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Anorectal manometry is an exam that is carried out to judge the responses and strength of the muscles required for the performance of a regular bowel movement. The test is typically executed on individuals who are fighting fecal incontinence or constipation. The exam studies the force of the anal sphincter muscles, the feeling in the rectum, and the reactions of the colon muscles. If you need an anorectal manometry procedure in Thibodaux, LA, you can find a gastrointestinal doctor who can do this evaluation at Digestive Health Center. For more information or to request a consultation, call your nearest Digestive Health Center location.

You will be required to “clear out” your large intestine prior to the test. This can be completed by consuming a laxative drink and fasting 24 hours before your procedure. Your GI specialist or someone else on our team will go over what you can expect before your anorectal manometry.


What can I expect with an anorectal manometry procedure?

You will not be required to undergo sedation over the course of the exam. You will be asked to rest on your side, and a Digestive Health Center nurse will gradually place a small pliable tube through your anal sphincter and into the rectum. You might feel slightly uncomfortable, however, you ought to experience little pain. Measurements will be obtained based on the feedback of your internal muscles and interpreted by your GI doctor. These exams normally last between 10 –20 minutes, after which, we'll review your results right away. Following your anorectal manometry procedure in Thibodaux, LA, you will be free to go home and resume your standard diet and activities.

Anorectal manometry is a low-risk procedure that is likely to generate little-to-no pain. While problems are unusual, some of the imaginable dangers are perforation (tearing) of the rectum, bleeding, and equipment breakdown. If you are sensitive to latex, you should advise your technician before the test is carried out. If you have any other questions or concerns about this procedure, our team of GI specialists is happy to answer them.

If you or a loved one fights constipation or fecal incontinence, anorectal manometry in Thibodaux, LA could help determine the state of the crucial muscles that allow normal bowel movements. This procedure can help your gastroenterologist diagnose and handle issues that might be stopping standard bowel movements. To learn more about this and other diagnostic methods for digestive issues, contact your nearest Digestive Health Center location.

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