3-2-1 Weight Loss Testimonial

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Marian, a 63 year old female from Napoleonville, LA. I have lost 17 pounds and 3-4 pants sizes since starting the Previnex 3-2-1 program in October! In addition to weight loss, the 3-2-1 program helped improve my liver and glucose numbers to healthy levels.

What was your motivation to lose weight?

My motivation to lose weight was getting my liver enzymes back to normal and reducing or eliminating the fatty liver disease. Improving my overall health was also a goal.

How did being overweight impact your social/work life?

While I was overweight, my endurance for most activities was low, as was my flexibility.

Why did you choose Previnex?

I chose Previnex after it was recommended by my doctor,  Justin Toups.

When did you first see results?

I saw weight loss the first week and started to see a difference in my clothes within the first month.

How did others respond to your weight-loss?

Others responded to my weight loss very positively, especially my family.

Did you see any health improvements after losing weight?

After losing weight, my liver enzymes are now normal and so is my HgbA1C. My repeat scan for the fatty liver disease showed a marked improvement.