3-2-1 by Previnex

Are you struggling to keep weight off or not sure how to begin? The Digestive Health Center is here to guide you on your journey to health!

Our team of experts offer scientifically designed weight-loss that is healthy, clean, balanced, simple to follow, and supported under the guidance of our in-house dietitian.

As you may know, in losing weight, you will significantly reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as optimize your digestive health and wellbeing.

By following this simple meal plan, you provide your body with portion controlled, clean, nutrient dense meals. Also with changing the quantity and quality of your food choices as directed by our in-house dietitian, you will create a fat burning state in your body. This ensures that you'll feel full while burning fat and preserving muscle.

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Need more convincing? Hear from some of our success stories...

Heather P

Lost 65 pounds!*

Before starting the 3-2-1 Program Heather says, "I was very unsocial because I was embarrassed of how much weight I had gained". Now she says Previnex has changed her life since losing the weight with the 3-2-1 Program because, "I know what is good for my body and how to monitor the amount of food I eat". Overall Heather says, "I truly cannot brag on Previnex enough! If you are looking for a healthy journey to weight loss ask about the 3-2-1 Program".

Marian T.

Lost 17 pounds* and has kept it off since December 2018/ Improvements in health.

Ms. Marian says her motivation to lose weight was, "To get my liver enzymes back to normal and reduce or eliminate fatty liver disease". After losing the weight and keeping it off she says, "In addition to weight loss the 3-2-1 program has helped improve my liver and glucose numbers to healthy levels".

*Typical weight loss on the 321 Program is 2-5 lbs per week the first two weeks then 1-2 lbs per week

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