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An abdominal ultrasound (often referred to as just an ultrasound) is a simple and relatively comfortable diagnostic procedure that is performed to capture a moving visualization of a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • Pelvic- and abdominal function
  • Breast abnormalities
  • The male reproductive system
  • The kidney and thyroid systems (including gallstones)
  • Fetal development

Ultrasounds work by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off areas of the body and capturing returning “echoes.” These echoes present as moving images that our Digestive Health Center team can utilize to get a better idea of what is happening inside the body, particularly with your gastrointestinal system. In certain cases, we may combine the ultrasound technology with a Doppler. This will allow us to capture blood movement in the heart and larger blood vessels.

For more information on how an ultrasound can help diagnose your GI issues, contact your nearest Thibodaux, LA location to request a consultation.

To perform an ultrasound, your GI specialist will have you lie down on a comfortable treatment chair. We will apply a clear gel to your abdomen, then pass a handheld device over your abdomen. Video images will then be translated onto our computer so we can get an inside look at your GI system. We might have you switch your position in order to get a different view, and it's not uncommon to be asked to hold your breath for a little bit. These can help us get a greater scope of information on what is happening inside your body.

Your provider will go over the findings with you and suggest diagnosis or treatment plans from there.

There is not a lot to do to prepare for your ultrasound. We will likely ask you not to eat or drink anything after midnight the day prior to your exam. This will help us get an unobstructed view. If you have an appointment in the late afternoon or you are diabetic, our Thibodaux, LA team will give you separate instructions on how to prepare.

If you're experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, unexplained bloating, or if you think you may have gallstones or something else, Digestive Health Center may suggest an abdominal ultrasound. This simple yet effective tool can help our GI specialists get a better look at and understanding of your gastrointestinal system so we can make wise diagnostic and treatment suggestions. For more information on how ultrasounds can be used to treat your GI issues, contact your nearest Thibodaux, LA location to request a consultation.

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